Marriage is an important step in anyone’s life and the Church welcomes you and wants to help you make this special day as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

Choosing to marry in Church underlines your commitment to each other, as you look forward to starting off married life blessed by God and supported by the prayers of your family and friends.

Marriage is a life long commitment which must be taken seriously and with a great deal of thought and preparation. At St. James, we aim to provide you with practical help and prayerful preparation, not just for the day, but also for rest of your life together.

If you would like to consider being married at St James’, please contact the Vicar or Curate. They will be very happy to help you in preparing for your wedding day and your future together.


If you are living in the Parish of St James’ but are getting married in another Parish, you will need your Banns to be read for three weeks at St James’. So please get in touch and we will help you with the application.

More Information

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