Bereavement can be a deeply sad time for people. The journey through grief is unique to each individual.  At St. James, we aim to offer different kinds of support at different times along that journey.  


This may include:

Pastoral visit before the funeral by the clergy, including :

The gift of the book ‘You’re never alone’.
Ÿ The use of the church for the funeral service.
Ÿ Post-funeral pastoral visits from the clergy and/or pastoral visitors.
Ÿ An option of entries in the St. James Book of remembrance which was dedicated in 2003.
Ÿ A leaflet about bereavement.
Ÿ Anniversary visits to St. James to say a prayer, light a candle or simply give thanks.
Ÿ Invitation to memorial service twice a year, in July and December including the lighting of a named candle for each person who has died.
Ÿ Complementary magazine for 12 months after the funeral.

Every year we hold a child friendly memorial service to help young people through a difficult time.