Baptism is about becoming part of the community of Christian believers and joining with them on their journey of discipleship. For many people the baptism or christenings of their babies has encouraged them to think more deeply about their own faith and place in the church.


At St. James we have baptism services (for babies and small children) every two months in the main 10am service. We also offer a short 10-minute thanksgiving service a week or so before the baptism/christening. In addition we invite the parents to two preparation evenings when we discuss the meaning of baptism, go through the service, and look at books, videos and tapes that might help parents teach their child more about God. Many of the parents have told us how helpful they found the evenings. 


Here are some comments by parents after the baptism;
‘The children’s area at the back is brilliant.’ 
‘Wonderful’ Even my dad said how the church has changed since his day it’s put a new life of church inside his head’


After the baptism we keep in touch with the families through complementary magazines for a year, anniversary cards, and regular social events.