Pete & Lorna’s Wedding Story

wp47668d5a_0fPete and I first met each other in March 2001 whilst on holiday and following a year of travelling between Nottingham (where I lived) and Ipswich (where Pete lived) we decided we wanted to be together properly so Pete found a job and moved to Nottingham in 2002.  Having made such a huge commitment to our relationship we knew we were in it for the long term.

To prove this commitment even further Pete proposed to me in Paris in August 2006. We didn’t think it would take us four years to finally get round to tying the knot but on Saturday 28th August 2010 we did just that at St James Church and both we and all our wedding guests decided it had been well worth the wait!

Having visited St James Church on a number of different occasions over the years and having moved to the Parish in August 2006 (just two weeks before our engagement!) we knew what a lovely church and setting it was and we were delighted when Phil agreed to marry us there. 

Although we had been together for over nine years by the time we married we both knew we wanted to get married in church to confirm our commitment to each other in the presence of God and in front of all our friends and family.

We were given access to the church on the Thursday before the wedding to add some bows to the pew ends and as we arrived the ladies had just put the finishing touches to our flower arrangements which looked beautiful.

On the day of the wedding Phil made everyone feel welcome and relaxed and our wedding ceremony which he conducted was fantastic.  We had so many positive comments from our guests about the church, the setting, the service and, of course, our lovely vicar that it only added to what was a wonderful day for us and one that we will always cherish.