John’s Story

wp678f1a38_0fI wasn’t brought up with church, although I was in the Cubs and Boy Scouts and went to church with them.  I didn’t really believe, although I was never brave enough to say I was a non-believer.  But hey, it’s not really “macho” to go to church is it? and anyway the people who do go seem to be different don’t they? That’s what I thought anyway, what a “mug” I was!!


In April 2008, my world fell apart when I lost my darling wife Yvonne to cancer. This is when my journey began.  I got a phone call from St. James Vicar, Phil asking if he could come to see me to talk about Yvonne’s funeral arrangements. Anyway he can and we talked, it wasn’t easy for me but I could tell that he cared. The next time I met him was at Yvonne’s funeral.  He did such a wonderful service, everyone said so even the non-believers.


I decided to come to St. James, more of a Thank You to Phil than anything else. So after much deliberating and false starts, I finally came to a 6pm service.  I felt like a “fish out of water” and must have looked like one too.  It was only a small congregation but everyone made me feel welcome.  The lady I sat next to during the service suggested I come along to a 10am service as it was much livelier.  So I came, don’t know why because I had already decided I wasn’t going to join in and I certainly wasn’t going to sing.  But you know what, I really enjoyed it and I even sang a few words too.  After a few weeks, I learnt that the “Alpha Course” was shortly due to start, so I went along mainly to try and find out where I was and more importantly where I was going.  I must say I learnt a great deal about myself, mainly what fool I had been not letting God into my life.


So where am I now?


Well, I know I am on the right road at last, not far down it yet but certainly moving in the right direction and getting closer to our Lord God everyday.  “What a fantastic feeling” and you know what? People who go to church are different. Kind, gentle and caring.  God Bless You All.  Thank you for sharing my journey so far.


Yours in the love of our Father God

John Woodiwiss