Elsie’s Story

wpd44c9f3f_0fBorn into a Methodist family, I attended Sunday School services with my parents. Age 11 I changed schools. At my new school I met a girl with whom I became very friendly. We are still friends – I visit Ada as she is housebound. She belonged to the Brethren. One Sunday evening she invited me to an evening service. I often went, and at the age of 14 I was baptized and stayed with them for many years.


After the war I lost my faith and although my children went to Sunday School and I went to services with them, it was not the same.


One day gardening in my front garden, a passing neighbour said, “Did you know St. James Horticultural Society are taking members to a garden centre – anyone can go?” So I did.


Sitting on the bus alone, I was joined by a lady called Chris. We chatted all the way to our destination. On arrival, we had lunch. I did enjoy the day. The following week my phone rang and the voice at the other end said to me, ‘You don’t know me, I belong to St. James Horticultural Society. We wondered if you would like to join. I went along and there met Pauline, Marjorie, Pat, Betty, Val and many others, all of whom were very friendly. I enjoyed their friendship. After about a year, one Sunday morning, I decided to go to the service and have been coming ever since, having rejoined my faith. 


St. James has a warmth due to the people in the congregation, its vicar and curate. Everyone is welcome.