St James is a Christian Church

We hold to the orthodox Christian faith passed down to us in the Bible and creeds of the church.


St James is an Anglican Church (Church of England)

-We accept, under, God, the leadership of our bishops.
-We are part of a church in which there is a diversity of opinion, practice and traditions.
-We believe in the authority of the Bible in all matters of faith and behaviour.
-We believe that each individual must make a personal response to Jesus Christ.
-We are open to the work of the Holy Spirit among us and through us.
-We believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are available and helpful today.
Like all churches, St James has its own emphasis and style;


We believe that our purpose at St James’ Church is to look for a consistent and enduring relationship with God. Through His grace we seek to enjoy fellowship together and to provide support to one another. By the strength of His Holy Spirit we wish to be witnesses for Christ in our community by His word and by our deeds and our hope is to see others drawn by the Spirit into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.